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  1. Great advice for Plan B! I attended a ceremony outside on a mountain top, with reception at the lodge below. The entire event was going to be outside on the patio. A freak storm rolled in during the ceremony. It was not predicted, but the event was able to move the entire reception inside. People got a little damp during the ceremony, and with a small delay, stayed nice and dry for the remainder of the reception. It was so beautiful in the rain, even the Bride & Groom loved the change in plans.

  2. It sprinkled on my wedding day. Indiana weather is crazy so we planned everything indoors. Reception in a firehouse next door to the ice cream shop. We all went and got ice cream when we had a free moment(not included in reception, but no one can pass up this ice cream). No one cared for rain. We are used to it. Great tips for all brides to think about.

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