Your Simple Guide to Bridesmaid and Maid of Honor Duties, Duties of a Bridesmaid, How-to be the best bridesmaid, Maid of Honor Duties

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  1. This a great list for bridesmaids and maids of honor! I wish I would of known all these responsibility’s when I was a bridesmaid! I completely agree with keeping small problems to yourself and not stressing the bride out she has enough on her plate!

    1. It really can be, Erika! But, I like to tell all my brides that it’s really only as stressful as you make it. That’s why I always suggest couples hiring a wedding planner for help – whether it’s just for coordination, consulting, or full-service planning!

  2. Thanks for letting me contribute! I always love how thoughtful you are with your articles. You have such a big heart Cathy. I totally agree that a wedding planner can help sort out any issues and keep the bride stress free.

  3. Great tips!! I was lucky enough to have 10 amazing bridesmaids that never complained about anything (to my face at least). However, I’ve heard some really terrible stories about it ending friendships! People really need to consider their answer when agreeing to be in the bridal party. If they can’t afford it, they should just be honest about that upfront!

    1. Abby, you’re definitely one of the lucky ones! I definitely agree about being upfront when considering being a part of the bridal party. I actually had a sit-down conversation with each of my girls before I officially asked them to be bridesmaids to make sure they were able to commit (and to make sure that they really wanted to!)

  4. I was bridesmaid for a dear friend a few years ago, and I’d add that you still have “duties” afterwards. The bride has been there for me when I’ve needed her since her wedding, and I will be there for her as she is about to begin a very important new phase in her marriage.

    1. Claire, I love that you mentioned being there for the bride after the wedding! I hear of so many stories of couples that hardly talk to the people in their bridal party after the big day – it makes me so sad! It’s such a big step in life to get married.

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