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  1. My husband told me (five minutes ago) that he’s taking me to dinner tonight because he’s having surgery tomorrow and will be in recovery on Valentine’s. How sweet is that?
    We’re normally not fans of Valentine’s because OF all the hype.

    1. Marta, that is so sweet!! I totally know what you mean by not being normal fans of the holiday. But it’s those sweet moments like a surprise dinner on every other day that make my world!

  2. My husband and I celebrate at home every year and I love it. These are great tips to make the night even more special! Especially the phones off for no distractions and just being present with each other.

    1. Leigh, I am so excited to see that so many other couples celebrate Valentine’s Day at home! I definitely think it helps my husband and i be more intentional with our quality time. 🙂

  3. I love this! We have two young kids so going out on valentines day isn’t easy, and honestly, we love just opening a bottle of wine and getting some chinese food! Turning off the phone is a must though. Great tips!

  4. Great advice! We have not gone out on Valentines Day in about 18 years except for a few times because we were away for presidents day weekend. I’d much rather go out another night. We do all the things you said above!

  5. You just reminded me of the early engaged days when my husband and i couldn’t afford anything and eating take out on the couch with netflix was literally all we could do for each other. those are still memories i cherish.

    1. I think they are some that I cherish the most, Erika! I almost prefer those quaint date nights at home over the fuss of going out on the town. (We also live in a small town though, so driving to the city for a fancy dinner is just not always ideal!)

  6. Ever since we had our first child my husband and I have had take out for VAlentine’s Day every year! We love spending special TIME together and avoiding the crowds, plus trying to find a BABYSITTER can be tricky on VAlentine’s Day!

    1. I love that, Justine! Date night after children is still so so important. I totally agree with you – It’s not about all the fuss, it’s about the time spent with one another. 🙂

  7. I Love this! we do valentine’s day at home almost every year (oh life with three kids). I agree with phones off and being thoughtful for sure- those are the two big ones for me!

    1. With three little ones, it can be super hard to find time for date night. I LOVE that you and your other half still find time to celebrate every year. 🙂

    1. I think you can still figure out how to celebrate even with the kids in tow on vacation. You can do a dinner with the kids, put them to bed, and have dessert and quiet time after. 🙂

    1. Amen, Sarah!! I think we can safely say that we all struggle with this. I am so guilty too (especially since my job is so much online!) I’m also definitely trying to be better about it.

  8. I love spending Valentine’s at home since i can’t stand paying the markup restaurant prices and i don’t like crowds. these are all great ideas!

  9. How wonderful it is to celebrate an occasion with thoughtfulness and loved ones. THese are great tips. hope everyone here has a wonderful time.

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