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    1. Hi Chelsea, as you may have noticed under the photo, I used that photo and credited it to where I found it on Pinterest! We used wood lattice from Home Depot around our raised garden beds.

    2. The metal is called redress. Used in construction projects. You can purchase at home improvement stores. I foynd tgwm in long 10’ (?) sheets and had to cut down. AnOther option is to keep the lEngth and make it an arch Between beds and plant so tge veggies grow on tHe arch. ThiNk About placement so not blocking sun from other plants

    3. Tractor Supply Company has cattle panels that are heavy-duty and are 16 feet by 50 inches @ $25 each. Unless you have a truck, it’s a challenge to get them home as they hardly bend. there are other options that come in rolls of 100 feet by 48″ which you can likely find at Lowe’s or Home depot besides TS. i had seen the cattle fencing detailed on a youtube gardening video that they bent into a high arch going from one bed to another.

      1. We bought some hog wire from a Big R (similar to tractor supply) and they cut it for us, at no extra charge, since we didn’t have a trailer to haul it. You can call ahead and ask before making a trip and being disappointed.

      2. tractor supply also has handy panels which are 8 foot long cattle panels… much easier to transport. I had a bunch of stuff to get so rented a short term van and moved those and everything else in one move.

    4. You can find these at farm stores. Tractor Supply company is one where I live. You will find it in fencing as it is made to be moved for cattle and pigs.

  1. The metal trellis look like cattle panels , can been found at farm stores Like TSC . Keep in mind metal can get very hot . They can also be bent over frOm bed to bed for a trellis with a lot strength . Hope this helps .

  2. IF you’re looking tO garden on a budget, sharing seeds or plants is a great idea. Most people wont plant 25 zuchinni! If you have a farm cO-op nearby, buy your seeds there in bulk. The price difference is amazing.

  3. I’d be reluctant to pour pickle juice ON anything but WEEDS that are downhill from anything you don’t want to kill so I’D ADVISE not trying it on your hydrangea or you’ll cry. Diy weed KILLER is 1 gal VINEGAR with 1 cup salt and 1 tsp Biodegradable dish soap. Use on driveway cracks, parking strips, gravel areas such as between the sidewalk and other landscaping, etc. But make sure it’s downhill from good plants or they’ll be burned too. Another great way to get weeds is a weed burner. Be sure to have an on hose at hand to douse the area after burning a few weeds for safety’s sake.

  4. You mentioned problems with your roses. I have had no problems since I planted garlic as comanion plant & banana peals are MUlched around them. Sometimes I even run a peal or two – with lots of water – in the blender and pour the liquid around the roses.

  5. SEven dust Kills hoNey bees. They even take it back to the hives And contaminate the honey. I would sugGest companion planting.

  6. We planted onions between any plants aphids love and helped keep that bay. something else to think about.

  7. My family has kept a spiral notebook just for the garden. one page for each year. diagram of garden, with what was planted in each row, at the top. then notes concerning the last frost time (we live in the north), whether it was rainy year or a dry one, crop failures, bugs, or anything else concerning the output of that year. handy to refer to for crop rotation or what plants not to get again.

    1. This is such an amazing idea, Carol! I think I may start doing that this year. We were just talking the other day about how it was hard to remember all that we did or what happened the previous year.

  8. If you put salt in your coffee grounds to cut the bitter taste, do not put them in your garden! IT TAKES YEARS TO LEACH OUT OF THE SOIL OR THE SOIL MUST BE REPLACED. I LEARNED THE HARD WAY AS A NOVICE GARDNER YEARS AGO!

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