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  1. CAthy, i caN’t describe how you and Rob haS touched Us. I Pray for God to keep you both Strong and put hiS HEALING arms & hands around you to help you both through your loss. We love you and praying for God to Give you peace. God Bless

  2. Cathy,
    I only know you through your Mom and my wife being connected but your story has been so inspiring to me and to others I’m certain. God uses all of us in ways that we can’t even comprehend to open the eyes and hearts of others to who he is.
    He has given you such a special talent to share your story in such a sweet and heartfelt way that shows how the love of god, through his son jesus, can heal the most broken of the brokenhearted in ways again, that we can’t comprehend.
    Layne will live forever in your heart and those of your family and you are helping him live also in the hearts of those who read your story. Like you said, this is god’s story to be used for his glory.
    My birthday is June 30 and I’ll always remember layne as i celebrate each year.
    God bless you and your family!

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