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  1. I love you little lady…if you only knew how many lives you have and will touch through your valleys. You are an inspiration and I love watching you grow and mature in your relationship with our father.

  2. CAthy, this was beautifully written. You have clearly and simply shared the gospel through this blog. I am sorry you have been going through this ‘season’ but God is truly using you and rob and little layne to bring glory to his kingdom. just like he planned all along! may our sweet savior continue to wrap his arms of comfort and peace around your sweet family and give you the peace that passes all understanding.

  3. Sweet friend, you have planted so many seeds In this article. What a blessing this article is to me and I’m sure many others. You have a gift from God with your words. Thank you for sharing! You’re always in my thoughts and prayers. ❤🙏

  4. Cathy
    I so enjoy your writings and your heart during this time in your life. While reading this I couldn’t help but think of Kenny Chesney’s song “better Boat” as that song Has helped me process where I am I My life. God will help us build a better boat to travel in and all of those that surround us assist in the construction. God bless you and your sweet family as you continue to process these things and as Nary did, ponder them in your heart.

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