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  1. Friend and I were just talking about nobody knows how to set a proper table anymore, let alone know what everything is used for. Your diagrams are perfect.

    1. Hanna, I use to be the same way! (Frankly, I still do that sometimes!) But when I took the time one day to actually set the table, I fell in love with how darling it looked and felt. I have never been the same way again! 🙂

  2. I realized after reading this that I am definitely far beyond classy when it comes to tableware! Haha, I had NO clue arrangements were so detailed, but that setup does look beautiful!

    1. Carissa, that’s totally okay! I feel like the art of setting a table has definitely not been used as much now. Being in the wedding industry is how I’ve picked up on it all. 🙂 Definitely set it however works best for you and your family!

  3. I am the hostess with the mostess of my friends, and we definitely spend a lot of our time together at a table, eating. The drawn-out guide definitely helps with setting the table, especially in different settings.

  4. The Art of setting a beautiful Table is DEFINITELY a lost Art! I want to add my name to the club My FRIENDs and Family always call me “ MarthA Stewart” as l always set a beAutiful Table no matter what the occasion! It alwa makes Me feel good doing It and I love When Others comment on it! My daughter learned from Me and also sets a beautiful Table! Love the helpful diagRams for those who aren’t sure! Enjoyed your Great post!

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