Life Lately | No. 17 - BABY #3???

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  1. Cathy and Rob! I am so excited for both of you! I pray God’s BLESSINGs on you through this wonderful journey! ❤👣

  2. You have this baby girl God has his eyes on you to see, your lips to smile, YOUR mouth to ask for help, YOUR heart to love, YOUR neck for baby to wrap arms around, your arms to hug, hold AND protect with, your hands to touch and feel,YOUR stomach to carry different size and SHAPEs, replinished your motherhood to produce your hips to rotate carrying baby and diaper bags, LEGS to get you to wherever you need to walk with him in the chosen path, YOUR toes to sing this little piggy with baby no. 3,THE soles of your feet to hold all the above grouNDed. Now I think your pretty well set. Relax don’t stress you can still design on line and Rob can Vacum lol. I am real happy for you two. Take care keep us in the loop. Take care best to Mom and all the family God Bless.

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