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  1. Hello my Name is Maraldine chambers
    I saw your drive baby shower ideaS . I like it . I want to how many people you invited i am Thinking aBout a drive by possible 28 people. The shower is April 3 do yoy think it can work.

    1. Hi Maraldine! Thank you so much for your kind words. We invited a lot of friends plus their spouses (atleast 50 people I’d say) since it was a shower for my husband and I, although not all of them showed up. We had our time slot spread over a few hours and I think it was perfect! It allowed people to come by when their schedule allowed and it definitely spaced out the guests showing up as well to make social distancing and the wait for people driving by easy. The only thing I wish I did was to get more of an RSVP count ahead of time to know who and how many people to expect. I think that sounds great for your daughter’s baby shower! :)

  2. hello,

    I am planning a drive thru for my daughter next month. so I am guessing that people did get out of their cars. Did any just pull up and drop off?

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